Now everyone can have a brilliant and reliable memory!

Anything important...just put it in the Task Manager and forget about it.
iBodyshop will remind you - just in time - every time!

Roles like Customer Service and Parts Manager help the Task Manager alert the right people at the right time.
Pop Up Reminders
If a task is meant for you - it pops up on your screen no matter where you are in iBodyshop. It won't let you forget anything important.
Task Assignment
Easily assign a Task to an individual person or to a Role eg. Customer Service. People can have multiple roles so all individuals in a role get the reminder.
System Tasks
In addition to tasks that you create, the iBodyshop system will also create system tasks for those important milestones in the Job life cycle
Task Lists
You can even create your own task lists and add tasks to it just like any other list.
Due Date & Priority
Any task can have a due date. Very handy to make sure you lodge your GST Statement on time.
Every task list can even have a checklist of things to do within that task
Link to Estimate
For those that are relevant to Jobs - every task has a link to the Estimate
Repeat That!
Frequently repeated tasks can be set to recur at defined periods