Who is iBodyshop?

iBodyshop is designed, built, and powered by DNS Technology – Australia’s leading and most innovative software developer of bodyshop solutions.   With over 25 years at the forefront of developing much needed Smart Software for the bodyshop industry, this time around we have pulled out all the stops and spared no expense.

iBodyshop, the company’s new flagship product, has taken over 7 years to develop with substantial investment by the company.  This has resulted in a powerful, simple to use, and innovative suite of software tools with features that are not matched by our competitors.

Along the way, every facet of all our software solutions was examined and re-examined at every stage of development.  Where necessary, we designed and re-designed every part of iBodyshop so that each module would become a compelling software tool for any bodyshop wanting to gain more control over their entire business operation.  In short, we simply re-imagined everything the way it should be – for today’s modern bodyshop in the digital age.

And this is only the beginning.  With a dedicated software development team in excess of 10 people – we aim to keep taking iBodyshop to even greater heights of innovation for you.  Unlike some of our competitors, we do not outsource our Software Development or our Technical Support.  All our people are based in Melbourne so that we have complete control over our product and customer service.

As it stands, iBodyshop is a comprehensive and elaborate software suite with features that every modern bodyshop should use in their daily operations.  But with new updates being pushed out virtually every day/week, we have a lot more great features coming your way.  So get on board, sign up now for your 30 day FREE Trial – and let us revolutionize your business operations.  Our sole aim is to help you make your business more efficient, more productive, more automated – and ultimately, more profitable.

Your profit, is our mission!

The DNS Team



iBodyshop is a highly advanced system when compared against its competitors in the marketplace. Its comprehensive feature set, extremely friendly user interface, and highly advanced cloud based architecture built on the most sophisticated and complex digital technologies available today – simply would not have been possible without the enormous efforts of countless people – far too many to mention here.  However, the Directors of the company would like to single out the following individuals for their sheer brilliance, dedication, devotion, hard work, and unending passion for the product and the company – that made it all possible in the end.  Without their massive efforts as individuals, and their highly focused and mature awareness of the critical value of close and effective teamwork, this product would not have been so revolutionary on so many fronts, and would have taken far more than 7 years to build.  We are forever grateful for their enormous personal sacrifices along the way, and of course their amazing professional achievements which they can all be very proud of.  They are…

Andrew Chisholm Lead Architect/Developer
Steven Berry Lead Architect/Developer
Damien Sawyer Analyst/Programmer
Matthew Stanton Analyst/Programmer
Joanne Toh Quality Assurance
Kim Daldy Analyst/Programmer
Irina Levotchkina Analyst/Programmer
Mark Harris Analyst/Programmer
Haydn Tomlinson Product Manager
Wesley Jones Analyst/Programmer