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”The changeover was completely trouble free”

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”The impact on my business has been huge”

Brady's Body Works, Coopers Plains QLD

”I highly recommend this product to anyone ”

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”... it has made our job much easier”

Brady's Body Works, Coopers Plains QLD


Products & Features

Windows™ | Mac™ | iOS™ | Android™

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The Cloud

There are many benefits that come to you by adopting a Cloud computing solution. Click on the icon above or the link below for more information.

Learn more
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Your Own Wish List

Got a great idea to improve any Screen or Report in iBodyshop? Then we want to know about it.

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Global Features

iBodyshop is packed with great features everywhere to keep you informed and productive. Here are just a few of them.

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Audanet interface

iBodyshop now incorporates the slickest interface to the Audanet system.

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Home Screen - Smart Tiles

These tiles do much more than look pretty. They help you organise without messy trays and shelves. The numbers tell quickly how many there are in each phase.

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Estimating is where it all starts. Get this wrong and you start losing money. Our tools are sophisticated and powerful - yet friendly and easy to use.

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Parts Pricing & Ordering

Getting all your Parts priced accurately and quickly improves your efficiency and profitability. We have the solutions for you.

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Keeping track of all your Sublets is now a breeze

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Online Assessing

In today's connected world you won't get very far without the right connections. We support all the industry standards.

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Designed and built from the ground up specifically for bodyshops. It includes many bodyshop specific features you won't find in generic accounting systems.

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Business Analytics

There's no time to read lengthy reports on reams of paper. Keep your finger on the pulse with meaningful analytics designed for your bodyshop.

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Document Scanning

Forget the manual paper Job Folder. Digitise everything and put every document at everyone's easy reach - with just a mouse click.

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Digital Images

Taking lots of photos is only the beginning. We give you another level of control and organisation with Annotations and Categories.

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SMS Messaging

The fully integrated 2-way module keeps a record of all conversations for easy review - just like you see on your mobile phone.

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Job Email

If you're tired of not knowing who emailed whom - and who got a response about a job issue, you will love the Job based email that everyone can see

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Task Manager

No one will ever forget to do an important task again - Job related or not. The Task manager will remind the right person just in time.

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PARTS Manager

Managing the entire process in relation to Spare Parts is a critical issue in bodyshops. The Parts Manager helps you keep track of everything.

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People Planner

Who's in, who's away, and who's going on holiday next week? And what about those pesky public holidays? Know all staff movements instantly with this module.

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Booking Diary & Planner

In the digital age, the paper Booking Diary may not be the most efficient or effective for the task. Maximize your workflow with the Booking Planner.

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Workshop Job/Task Allocator

Making sure all your technicians on the floor are well organised and their days are planned is critical for maximum output. Now everyone knows their next task.

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Time Recording

You can't manage it if you don't measure it. This easy touch friendly module makes time recording very simple.

17-departures-board-373x202 (1).png
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Departures Board

What's going out, and when. Now everyone knows your Job commitments and priorities. Run it on your desktop or on a large wall mounted screen.

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Loan Cars

Loan Cars are a great way to keep customers happy. This module takes all the headaches out of managing your courtesy vehicles.

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Tool Shop

If you have important tools that you need to keep track of, and also need something to monitor their servicing needs - then this is just what you need.

20-breakout-373x202 (1).png
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Dual Screen BreakOut

Two is not a crowd when it comes to screens. Running our Dual Screen Breakout keeps even more information instantly accessible to you.

Mobile Solutions

for iPhone and Android...

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Photo Taker

Take photos on any phone or compatible iPod. No more messy cameras and card readers. Images upload to the Estimate within seconds.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Surveys in the digital age. No delay...no fuss...right into their hands. Customers receive the Survey just when you want them to.

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Technicians Time Recording

No need for expensive equipment that everyone has to walk up to. Every pocket is a Time Recording station.

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PARTS Status/Receiving

Knowing immediately when the parts have arrived for each Job can increase your efficiency.

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Business Analytics

For Owners and Managers who like to keep their fingers on the pulse no matter where they are.

Coming Soon

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Workshop AutoScheduler

This exciting module is being released soon. Automated scheduling driven by your priorities - to solve the bulk of your scheduling problems.


these popular solutions work seamlessly with your iBodyshop system.

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For more information visit www.planningplus.com.au

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For more information visit www.webtrim.com.au

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For more information visit www.partscheck.com.au

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