You've always wanted to do it...
so we've made it really easy for you.
There's absolutely nothing to do!

iBodyshop takes care of it all. The Surveys go out, responses come in,
they get attached to the Estimate, the responses are collated,
we give you the analytics. And so far you've done nothing.
Now that's an intelligent system literally working for you.

Includes your very own bodyshop branding logo
Smart Phone friendly
Forget mail outs and getting customers to your website. Delivered right into their hands.
Your Timing
You determine how long after Handover they get the Survey
Immediate Record
Results come right back and get stored with the Estimate. Review any time for spot checks.
Automated Analytics
How you perform on each question is tracked. Trend charts tell you if the business is improving in regard to any survey question.
All Platforms covered
Our Surveys work on all Smart Phones. iOS, Android, Windows Phone. No one misses out