Our Data Centres are operated by the global leader
in Cloud Computing services

We don't spare any expense in computing power. Fast, reliable, secure, and ready to host 1000's of bodyshops throughout the Asia Pacific region.
Anything less is simply not good enough.

Safe and Secure - no worries!
We use the same Data Centres used by
Australian banks.
No more backups
Your data is securely backed up several times every day so you never have to worry about this headache ever again. When it's time to go home...no last minute backup...it's time to go home!
No more messy updates via CD
Your iBodyshop software is always
100% up to date and best of all,
YOU never have to do anything.
Unlimited Data Storage
We don't charge you extra for your data storage. All your vital data, plus vehicle images, and all your scanned documents - all included in your monthly Subscription Fee.
24/7 Access
You can get access to your system any time - any day. 365 days of the year
Access from anywhere
You don't have to be in the office to log in.
Login from anywhere in the world ...
all you need is a browser.
Multiple fall back Availability Zones.
In the highly unlikely event that a fire, flood or earthquake should affect the Data Centre, a backup Data Centre automatically comes online within minutes so you can continue business uninterrupted.